PUBG Mobile the most popular game among youngsters as well as in kids, working regularly to be interested every time. They are brought a lot of updates in the past. Now PUBG Mobile is planning another update which is version 0.14.5. The new update of PUBG Mobile is coming with a lot of new items and the new Royale Pass Season 9. The current Royale Pass Season 8 is going to end around 12 September. We got the information about the new weapons, vehicles, skins, and features.


New gun: MP5K SMG

The update may bring a new gun MP5K, which is a sub-machine gun and works with 9mm bullets. The new MP5K will be a replacement for the existing gun vector. MP5K will be an exclusive item in the Vikendi map. The firing mechanicks of MP5K will remain the same as a vector. MP5K will be loaded with 30 bullets by default and can be extendet up to 40 by using an extended magazine. Hence, the MP5K is already available in the PC version of PUBG, now it’s coming to PUBG Mobile.


Canted Sight

Finally, we will be able to see the canted sight in the update 0.14.5 of PUBG Mobile. Canted sight is a special sight accessory which will help the user a lot. Using a canted sight, the users will be able to use two scopes at the same time. E.g you can use a 4x scope and a red dot sight at the same time on the same gun. So users can easily switch between 4x and the red dot sight. The gun should be supported for scopes to use a canted sight.

pubg zima vikendi


The new vehicle which is coming with the September update of PUBG Mobile is Zima. Zima is an SUV and this is a replacement for present UAZs that was available on Vikendi. UAZs won’t have proper control in Vikendi because of snow so finally, it’s going to replace with new Zima. it’s a little bit slow as compare to UAZs but can be controlled properly while combat.

pubg snowbike vikendi


The current motorcycle on the Vikendi map is now going to replace with the new vehicle called Snowbike. This looks like a motorcycle but it has sliders on the place of wheels. So it can run faster on the snow. But there is a loose point also, it can be destroyed easily by firing on it.

New Survival Mode

The new update may bring a new survival mode in which players have to hunt and build fires not to freeze. It is not necessary that the new survival mode will come to this update but there is a lot of chance of this, but it may not happen anyway.

The new royale pass season 9 will also come with this update because the current royale pass season 8 is going to end on 12 September. Season 9 will bring a lot of new skins for guns, parasuit, outfits and much more.

“The new update 14.0.5 of PUBG Mobile may come with a lot of changes and new items. But most of the new things are around the Vikendi map, this is why because Vikendi map was in beta till now, but now it’s coming official to PUBG Mobile.”