Royale Pass Season 8 of PUBG Mobile is out now and bring a lot of new features to the game. Not only the Royal Pass Season 8 it also includes a lot of things as new themes, skins, costumes and much more. But some of them are quite amazing which comes with the new update of PUBG Mobile.

Rating Protection Card

Every good player who plays the game regularly, afraid of losing their tier rankings while losing the game. Rating Protection Card will help you in this case. Rating Protection Card locks your rating even you lose the match. So players are not to worry about their rankings while losing a game.

Gamers have to activate the Ranking Protection Card to that. however, the card’s ability is limited to the Crown tier or below, so it is recommended to use the card at Crown I tier. The card will come in two types, determined either by duration or the number of uses.

HRD Mode

Graphics are the most important factor of any game, even you are a PUBG lover you need it too. With this new update, version 0.13.5 of PUBG Mobile brings new HDR or Higher Dynamic Range mode to the gamers. Even, the HDR mode option is already available in the game but the users are now eligible to use that. Your device must be compatible with it. The new HDR mode shows better details, shadows, highlights, and brighter experience.

PP-19 Bizon

The new weapon, PP-19 Bizon has been added to the game, which is a sub-machine gun. PP-19 Bizon not only looks amazing even it offers the largest magazine to the gamers. The gun doesn’t support any magazine or lower rail attachments due to its unique helical magazine. It works smoother when using it with low recoil with a low grip. Bizon is a quiet but deadly 9mm submachine gun.

Tier Transfer

The new update also brings freedom for them, who recently started to play PUBG. The new update now brings a change to the Tier transfer rules. From Season 8, tiers below Gold (Bronze and Silver) will be transferred to the next season, and no charges will be applicable to do that. This means that players who are on the Silver or Bronze tiers can maintain their position as they jump into the new season.

Water Themed Outfits and Skins

PUBG Mobile Season 8 brings a lot of new fashing accessories. This season including the new outfits of Sea/Water like Finding Nemo hoodies. The outfits also include a bright colored clownfish suit that comes with a cute little tail. Moving to the guns skins, there is now skin for DP28, which is Shark’s Bite.

Maybe one of the most prized outfits of this season would be the Bronze Armor, with gold, black and white inline. But the players have to reach the coveted 100 RP status to be eligible for that.

My Quotes

PUBG regularly plans something to interact with its users. PUBG Mobile brings back some crowd favorites, introducing the new PMCO song by Alan Walker and BAPE x PUBG Mobile collaboration will be rolled out this August.