Android 10 has been launched officially by Google on 3 September. And the android 10 update has also been released for google made devices (pixel devices) as well. There is a major update about the android 10, it doesn’t come with any desert name. Because Google didn’t plan a desert name for android 10, most of the people were expecting that android 10 will come with the name Android Q (Queen Cake). Google said on this, there is a lot of confusion deciding the name for the android version so we planned to give them a number, not a name and all the upcoming version of Android will also come with a number.

In few past weeks google launched beta versions for Android 10, which had a number of bugs but now google fixed all of them. And finally launched the stable version for Android 10. So here’s everything new needs to know about the latest Android 10.

android 10 update

How and when I get it?

If you have a pixel device, so you can simply upgrade to Android 10. Because Google has already released it. You just need to go to system settings and check for system updates. If you still don’t get the update, wait for a few days or go to Android’s website.

Many brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus also planned to give their devices the latest Android 10. So, if you have OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro, and Redmi K20, you can also enjoy the Android 10, because it is also released for these devices. Many other brands are still running the developer preview of Android 10 and expected to release a stable version soon. 

android 10 gestures

New Gesture Navigation

Google brings new gesture navigation to android 10, which is a replacement for the traditional three-button navigation and two-button navigation till Android 9 Pie.

The new navigation gestures work like Apple iPhone’s navigation gesture, which we saw in iPhone X, XS and XR. Some other developers also developed the gesture style for there brands like OnePlus, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi.

There is a thin gesture bat at the bottom of the screen. Swiping up the gesture bar takes you to the home screen, up and hold takes to recently opened app section, swiping left or right works to switch between last used apps. Swiping from left or right at the mid of the screen works as a back button.

The new gestures are fast, smooth and much easier than ever before. It offers a lot of free space on the screen which seems to be a real full-screen experience. Finally, the new gestures are a good replacement for traditional navigation buttons.

android 10 dark mode

Dark Mode

These days dark mode is much popular among all the people. Everybody wants to use his phone with a dark theme. So, finally, android 10 gives users the choice to use their phone in dark mode. Even, some manufacturers who provide custom UI’s to their phones already have the dark mode feature. But now Google has officially announced that with android 10. The dark mode is more usable with an OLED screen to save battery life.

android 10 privacy

Better Privacy Control

Google is continuously working on android to provide users a better privacy control. In android 10 google improves it too much. Like iOS 13, Android 10 will periodically provide notifications to remind you that an app has been accessing your location in the background. Apps won’t be able to access your location in background, they have to pop a notification to say they’re running.

These were the major changes in Android 10. There are also some other things which were changed in android 10 but I thought, this is enough for now. See you in the next one.